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 Siberia Dead Sea salt crystals, bath salts,Natural minerals, healthy   Products Body Spa  Remedy. Ecological
 100% Natural Salt/Mud/Clay  of Siberia  100% natural - no additives  inexpensive raw material for Skin Care, Spa, in Beauty Industry,


The «RAPAN» Salt/Mud/ are ecological natural products from the ecologically clean lake of Western Siberia (Russia)

Rapan is the biggest discovery in the field of pelotherapy, thalassotherapy, balneology, beauty therapy and therapeutic cosmetics, but the best kept secret so far, which I have made my goal to uncover to the world

Competitive advantages:

Solid scientific base at the site of manufacture, in the form of Scientific Research Institutes, as well as a number of health resorts where the products are used for treatment of various health problems, has allowed substantial research of the composition and therapeutic properties of Rapan products

The products are 100% natural, with no additives at all

The comparative spectral analysis of the Rapan range with the Dead Sea products has shown that the levels of carotenoids and retinoids, as well as boilogically active compounds with prominent antioxidant and antihypoxant characterisitics are 5 times higher in the Rapan range than in the Dead Sea products and that the Rapan range is more efficient in stimulating and activating the body's immune system

The comparative scientific evaluation of the biological activity of the Rapan and the Dead Sea products on the skin and blood has demonstrated that the therapeutic effects of the Rapan range is up to 20 times stronger those of the Dead Sea products

The products are new to the Western market, and like any new product they cause curiosity and excitement

The products come from the ecologically clean environment of Western Siberia

The products have been through a thorough assessment process both in Russian and in British laboratories, and have been certified as completely safe for use by an approved UK laboratory

Competitive pricing - with all their advantages, Rapan products are considerably cheaper than the Dead Sea products

Rapan products can be used both in their natural state and as ingredients for various products in cosmetic industry

Rapan products are versatile - they can be safely used at spas, by complementary parctitioners and naturopaths, as well as at home - to promote relaxation, reduce stress, fatigue, promote metabolism, increase immunity, improve skin condition, help with skin disorders, arthritis, get rid of muscle/joint aches/pains, promote circulation and help detoxify the bofy, and for prevention of disease


P.O. Box 338, 630100, Novosibirsk, Russia
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EU/FDA Safety Assessment


Safety Assessment for RAPAN Salt/Mud/

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for RAPAN Salt/Mud/

The products Rapan Salt/Mud/Clay is considered safe for sale in all EU countries

Rapan Natural Salt

Rapan Natural SaltRapan salt is very soothing for the skin, relaxing for the body and mind. It helps relieve fatigue, aching muscles and joints, reduce stress, improve skin condition and promote a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. 100% natural, no additives


Rapan Natural Mud

Rapan Natural MudSiberian Technologies in Novosibirsk produces and delivers the RAPAN Natural Mud products for human health care, for sanatoria and Spas. The "RAPAN" Natural Mud is primarily a health spa for arthritis, ezcema and psoriasis sufferers

Applicator Peloids Rapan

Applicator Peloids RapanApplicator Peloids - therapeutic / cosmetic napkins are iused for applications on various parts of the body and in electrophoresis, MT-, DDT-, ultraphono-and magnetophoresis, using standard techniques


Distributor in the EU

Distributor a EUPOLARIS - Vladimir Dostal
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Czech Republic
Tel: +420 596 614 362
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E-mail: info@lecive-bahno.cz
VAT : CZ490826111

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