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Patents and Licenses

Patents and Licenses SIBERIAN TECHNOLOGIES V.A.S. is the only producer and the official distributor of the RAPAN products in Russia. Rapan products is produced on the basis of ecologically clean, certified deposit of the Ostrovnoye Lake in the Novosibirsk region.

The original raw material, brine (or "rapah" in Russian) has a number of microelements diluted in the lake, with practically no harmful bacteria. Natural antiseptic properties of the water and mud represent a natural health enhancing complex

Safety Assessment for RAPAN Salt/Mud/

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for RAPAN Salt/Mud/

The product Rapan Salt/Mud/Clay is considered safe for sale in all EU countries and have received FDA Certificate of Registration (US)

Patents and Licenses:

  • Siberian Technologies V.A.S., Novosibirsk, Russia, owns the trademark to 'RAPAN
  • The approvement of Novosibirsk State Medical Academy about antibacterial propierties of RAPAN
  • The approvement of the Scientific Centre of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (SCCEM, Novosibirsk) about antitoxicity and ability «RAPAN» Salt/Mud/ of stimulation and growth of cells
  • The approvement of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences about antimicrobial properties of «RAPAN» Salt/Mud/









Rapan Natural Salt

Rapan Natural SaltRapan salt is very soothing for the skin, relaxing for the body and mind. It helps relieve fatigue, aching muscles and joints, reduce stress, improve skin condition and promote a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. 100% natural, no additives

Rapan Natural Mud

Rapan Natural MudSiberian Technologies in Novosibirsk produces and delivers the RAPAN Natural Mud products for human health care, for sanatoria and Spas. The "RAPAN" Natural Mud is primarily a health spa for arthritis, ezcema and psoriasis sufferers

Applicator Peloids Rapan

Applicator Peloids RapanApplicator Peloids - therapeutic / cosmetic napkins are iused for applications on various parts of the body and in electrophoresis, MT-, DDT-, ultraphono-and magnetophoresis, using standard techniques



ContactsSIBERIAN TECHNOLOGIES V.A.S, P.O. Box 338, 630100, Novosibirsk, Russia
+7 383 2216195
+7 383 2631547


Distributor in the EU

Distributor a EUPOLARIS - Vladimir Dostal
Zengrova 34, 703 00 Ostrava-Vitkovice
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 596 614 362
GSM: +420 777 821 000
E-mail: info@lecive-bahno.cz
VAT : CZ490826111

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